A Long Story of Us

Don’t fear for facing failure in the first attempt, 

Because even the successful maths starts with “zero” only. 

– Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam – 

Beginning and View Of
Swami Vipulanantha Children Development Centre.

Swami Vipulanantha Children Development Centre completed twenty five years service. It is very important to remain our past carrier and inform to all regarding the past memories of this Swami Vipulanantha Children Development Centre. I hope this is my duty.

More people involved to organize this centre. Most of them are support to the development of this centre. There are few bitter memories also cross my mind. Forgetting bitter incident is a better medicine.

Presently Swami Vipulanantha Children Development Centre is appear with modern building and facilities. There are many hundreds of children were using this centre. This centre give doctors, engineers, government officers and good citizen to this country and abroad. But also give good cultural backgrounds and good values to community.

Swami Vipulanantha Orphanage Started On 19.01.1992

I believe that, it is very important that, all children should be live with their homes with their parents. Y.M.H.A decided to keep future generation and established this orphanage.

In beginning named as Swami Vipulanantha orphanage. The Y.M.H.A work hard to established the orphanage headed “by Iraipani Semmal”Sriman Thampiyappa Kailayapillai. in1990, the community troubles erupted in this area and many children were affected and lost their parents. No proper maintained to them .occasionally troubles and fighting between government forces and arm groups in this area. Occasionally ethnic’s troubles also erupted between Tamils and Mulims. Because of above violence’s many people’s lost their lives .more children lost their parents. The children were affected very badly by this violence. in order to keep future generation ,the group of this village peoples formed a society to keep them on 19th January 1992 . They named to it as “Swami Vipulanantha orphanage” headed by Mr. T. Kailayapillai. Akkaraipattu -7/4 community centre building was cleared and repaired and opened by Batticaloa YMHA president late “Sivaneyaselvar” M.Sivanesarasa and Ramakirshnamission Batticaloa.

Grievously Of Peoples

In this period, the situation of this area were faced most dificulty.The ethnics violence’s, searching operation, natural disaster flood, curfew, Shortage of food and transport. In this situation the number of children was increased up to 26, the facilities of present building are insufficient. In order that; try to receive a plot of a land to build a new own building. The trusty of Sri Sithi Vinayagar temple was allocated a plot of a land for new building.

Creating Trusty Board To Illam

According to implement the activities of “Illam” the trusty board was established. The whole rights to maintain “Illam” and other activities were belong to them by law.

Activities of “ Illam”

The illam celebrate anniversary days, memories of religious grates, Religious festivals, fasting observances, Meditation, prayers and yoga activities.

Conducting spiritual lectures create good values among the peoples. Conducting library, private classes are very useful activities to develop the values of public .Connection of Ramakirshna Mission ascetics, connection of YMHA leaders and foreign donors are the main helping way to this illam. We unable to forget the food donation of dearest sister Nirmala Vijayakumar and dearest brother Suresh “Shan”

The Good Heart Of Person Helped To This Illam

In beginning of this illam, many good heart peoples assist to maintain this illam. Forces assist to supply timber pole to make fence around this land. Farmers of this village supplied paddy. Mr.J.Thiviyanathan M.P alloacated 2, 30000/= for construct a building. Dr P.Arunakulasingam assists to construct shrine room. Kalmunai Sarvodaya moment assist to construct 5 feet veranda and a well.”Saivapulavar” V.samithambi “iya” assist to build another drinking water well.

Peace Activities.

The communal violence’s erupted in this area frequently. In order that, Tamils and Muslims communities afraid to enter to others area. They make a wire fence across their boundaries. The president of this illam arranges to talks with both communities and brought peace among them.

1994. This illam was registered under the department of children proportional unite. The service of children proportional officer Mr. M.A uthmalebbey was much appreciated. His services were unforgettable.

1995 Minister of Rehabilitation Mr M.H.M.Ashraf and minister M.A.M. Athaullah allocated fund for continue construction works .Mr P.Thayaparan Divisional secretary of alayadivembu was help to receive a permit for this Land and maintenance of this illam. The Ramakirshna mission of Batticaloa,SEEDA organization, NORAD organization and late Sivanesarasa also assisted to many construction works.

Many YMHA members assisted to construct to walls around the illam. the Landon LONDON TAMILS ORPHANS TRUST FUND was started a carpentry training centre at this illam. The front gate was constructed by retired principal Mr.S.Somasuntharam.
1996 .celebrated 6th anniversary Swamy Athmaganananthage Maharaj,Swamy Ragesvarananthage maharaj, Saithanyananthage Maharaj, Swamy thanthira Deva were presided to this anniversary.

1997 New board of members was selected to YMHA by public. Many new members joined to tender their service. The new Name was proposed by to illam as SWAMI VIPULANANTHA CHILDREN HOME and accepted it. Prayeravar mother Rohini construct a home inside the illam to use for Swamigees, mother conduct English classes to children and she served to children as mother for a years. in this year president of this illam was awarded by the ministry of Hindu culture as “IRIPANI SEMMAL”.

Royal Netherland supplied bed, cupboards and students equipments. Swami Thanthira Deva donates telephone facilities. Daughter of Swami Amma donated three Cows to the illam in order to improve the Nutrition of children. Mr.Jeganathan also donated a cow .Advaro supplied cloths and dress to all children and a telephone communication centre. Sivanantha old boys association supplied a three-wheeler.

Starting Nursery School Building

Department of child proportion assisted to build a library. Ministry of Hindu culture assisted to supply books for this library Former MP late Chandra Nehru assist to build a Nursery building. Ramakirshna mission assist to build more 5 bathing rooms and toiled for this illam.

Beginning Computer Centre

Mrs. NIrmala Vijayakumar donated 10 computers to Beginning computer centre. SCOT BUDS organization, .Udupitte welfare society, Upper gate rock Murugan temple, Landin also assisted to this centre.

Receive a Land and Tractor

London ADVERO organization donated a tractor. Another plot of land received from Mrs. Nalliya pakkiyam , payments made by installment basic by illam.

2002 -Celebrated First Decade of Illam

Kayathri pedam Swami R.K. Murugesu Swamigal,“Aathmega peroli” Vasantha vaithiyanathan, Sinmaya mission ascetic “swamy Ramana saithanyananthagi maharaj”, Ramakirshna mission ascetic “Srimath Ajarathmananthaji maharaj” Swami thaspananthaji maharaj” ,commissioner of child probation Mrs.S.Sivasithamparam.A.D of Hindu cultural ministry Kumar Vadiveel ,and Divisional Secretary Mr. M Thayaparan were participated to this celeberition.

International hindu guru peedam awarded and honored to the president of this illam as “SIVANERI SELVAR”.

2004-Swiss Vimalraj and his friends were supply a photo copy machine and much presentation to this illam. YMCA batticaloa ,colombo lions club,Kandy Rotary club, MP chandra nehru,his son Chamdra kanthan,Swami Nithiyananthaji maharaj,Swami Sarvamangalananthagi maharaj, Himalaya Contractor Mr.K.Kirshnamoorthy, ven Rathnapala therar also assisted and bleesed to this illam.

Received Assistance From

Department of Child probation
Department of Hindu culture.
NGO,s consortium of Ampari district.
Divisional Secretariat of Alayadivembu
MBCS Alayadivembu,
MOH office
Mr S.Selvarupan _ Colombo
U.L.a.Azees secretary of child probation ministry
N.P.K.Nelundeniya commissioner
M. Mubarak
Sky Rose-London
Mrs.Nirmala vijayakumar
Sumathi Ashokkumar
Dearest brother Suresh Shan

Australian High commission
Rotary Club of Australia
Optima Foundation
Vipulan Thiyagarasa from England Trusts of Helping guest Lanka progress.
Mrs. Parwathe Sangarapillai.
Hon.M.S.Uthumalebbey. provincial land minister
Dr.Thuraiyappa Navaretnaraja. Provincial minister
Hon.S Selvarasa provincial minister
America Hawai Sivayoga subramaniya Swamigal.
Anna Hellar
Rudhra London
Ruban Murugananthan.

Kanaga Thurgau Amman Temple, London.
Lions Club
Optima Foundation, London.
Helping hands London.
Swami Nithiyanantha
Marimuthu care mother.
Dr. M Thevarajan.
Dr.V. Thayanantharaja.
P. Tharmenthiran Surveyer.
S.Palasuntharam J.P.
J.Thiviyanathan M.P
M.H.M.Azraf Minister
Ramakirshna mission.
Department of Child probation.

Government Policy

This Illam was selected as best illam. According to the government policy many illam were closed. But from this Illam total children amount were reduced.

Selection of New trusty board And alternate the name as SWAMI VIPULANANTHA CHILDREN DEVELOPMENT CENTRE. Many new following peoples were joined to the administration body

Mr.V.Chandrasegaram J.P
Mr.R.Nadarasa J.P
Mr.m.Sivasithamparam J.P
Mr.M.Kalithasan J.P
Mrs.Amarawathe Vadiveel
Mrs.Saraswathe Wickmasingha

Administration body decided to change the constitution. According their changes the new trusty board was created. Many people assist to conduct and maintain this illam with me, in this situation i declare my thanks to them. Some of them are follows.

Miss. V.Arulmoli, Management assistant.
Miss. M.Sivaesware, Management assistant.
Miss.S.Lekga, Management assistant.
Miss.T.Sinthuja.Management assistant.
Miss.R.Hemalatha Management assistant.
Mr.s.Thiyagaraja, Management assistant.
Mr.T.Thevaraja, Management assistant.

Mrs.Shanthiya Kirushanthan. Management assistant.
Mrs.Sureka Vadiveel Management assistant.
Mrs.kirushnanayagi Vasuthevan. Management assistant.
Mrs.Rajitha Inthirakumar Management assistant.
Miss.M.Dilogine, child development centre.
Miss.N Shukirthane, child development centre.
Mr.Arumugam. watcher

Miss.T.Kogulanayage, nursery teacher
Mrs.Kirupa pathmakumar, nursery teacher
Mrs.Piruntha Jeganathan, nursery teacher
Miss.K.Derogine, nursery teacher
Mr.N.Murugan, matron
Miss.M.Peripanayagi, in charge for cooking
Miss.M.Thilinayage, assistant in charge for cooking

There were many organization and donors assisted to maintain this illam. Gradually they reduce and completely stop their assistance. Kanaga thurga Amman temple continue their assistant. In this situation, it is very difficult to continue maintain this illam. But many children who affected by ethnic war were attended to this illam by the government, we unable to maintain them. There are no any other orphanages in this area, we face question that, are we continue this illam or not. We forward this question to your consideration. we believe Worldwide kind’s hearts give little kinds will be use full to continue this illam. Because of that, we published this message thru web site.

Kind Hearts Thoughts, Children’s Fortune.

The Swami vipulanantha children development centre presently joined with Y.M.H.A and doing both activities. These activities should be continuing in future also. This will be bringing bright future to the children. Finally I kindly make humble request to all good harts of this world to assist to this SWAMI VIPULANANTHA CHILDREN DEVELOPMENT CENTRE.

"God Bless and Thanking You"

“Irripane Semmal” Mr.T.Kailayapillai J.P​

In god service, President

Swami Vipulanantha Children Development Centre

Thank you for being a donor for our Charity

Always use branded items in life;

For Lips – Truth 

For Voice – Prayer

For Eyes – Sympathy

For Hands – Charity

For Heart – Love & For Face – Smile

– Dr.A.P.J. Abdul Kalam –